Pizza Sneaker!?

Order @ Pizza Hut by phone, online, with your phone and now ... with your Sneaker! Pizza chains in America are way ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative - but hey - is in innovative or just a cool gadget that can go viral? Who cares :) It's fun, it's a stunt and more important - limited to 64 pairs of High Top Sneakers - the 'Pie Tops' - made via the legend Shoe Surgeon in LA. Hot! Like the Pizza! 

Google Art!

Meet the new Art Camera by the Google Cultural Institute - a custom-built camera ready to travel around the world to bring people more of ultra-high-resolution 'gigapixel' images than ever possible before. The Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen was among the first to use the Art Camera to digitize a series of artworks, including the Portrait of Armand Roulin by Van Gogh.

They make pdf easy for you!

Most other PDF software is complex and difficult to use. They took on this problem head on and reduced all functionality to a minimum and focused solely on user experience. Besides, they also made it really pretty to look at. And it's affordable. The service is free to use twice per hour. Or you upgrade to a pro version with more features of course :) Try it out! It's worth it.