Ulmer v. Ulmer Podcast

Digression wanted! One rosé-wine, two opinions. Our founder Tobias Ulmer and his brother Götz Ulmer, (CEO of the advertising agency Jung von Matt) in a real casual talk. Created by the german business magazine 'HORIZONT' and the media company Weischer. With a little help by Studio Funk! 

HORIZONT: Götz and Tobias Ulmer have made a career in the advertising business, although their father would have seen her in the doctor's gown. This is just one of many topics in the new podcast format "A Rosé - Two Opinions" by WeischerMedia and HORIZONT Online.

Listen to the funny talk here. Just in german. Attention: a lot of dialect is used! :)

The music video that feels like Snapchat

"The thing with our videos is you get to see exactly what it is and what happened,” -  “It’s a moment in time.”  Director Jake Schreier - made films like Paper Town and Robert & Frank  - thinks this new video of Francis and the lights is the best example therefore. We just agree! One cut real experience! Simple, minimalistic but very emotional!