The music video that feels like Snapchat

"The thing with our videos is you get to see exactly what it is and what happened,” -  “It’s a moment in time.”  Director Jake Schreier - made films like Paper Town and Robert & Frank  - thinks this new video of Francis and the lights is the best example therefore. We just agree! One cut real experience! Simple, minimalistic but very emotional! 

Safe that money and 1.) get a free rap video 2.) become a music video sponsor

What if your songs name is 'Safe that money' - and you need a really good video? Take it serious and safe that money! That's what Lil Dicky di: The best rap video of  the world for zero $. The video is hilarious and so is the documentary: smart, funny, cool, hipster and sensational! And what a marketing opportunity for small business owners and charity lovers:

Interactive Video Experience

Oh no - why didn't he go the other way!!! We alle know the feeling of trying to take action and change the movie we are watching. Same is true for ads. Interact with the video and decide where the story should go. The new Pepsi Soccer Ad from Brazil is using the same technique. Below you can decide how the girl should style and whether she dates her boyfriend, goes out with girls or ...

Sorry embedding of the original video did not work. Therefore we put the video in place. Find the original (and working) reference here: