3D Printed Sunglasses

Technology will change fashion. 3D printer will create more and more accurate and polished models. Soda generated a professional business on this idea: 4 different shapes of frames and arms are getting printed. Glasses are interchangeable. Easy and adaptive.

Soda sunglasses are available for 39,95€, including lenses, frames, and arms. Additional frames can be purchased for 14,95€, and arms for 9,95€.

Moon Marketing

In our dreams this idea exists since ever. But now it may become reality. Why not utilize the biggest, brightest, worldwide visible billboard out there? The moon. Coke could color the moon red (with organic colors), Red Bull could have the first basejump on the moon (may be you even do not need a parachute up there) or Mercedes Benz could put a car on the moon (the Astronaut Test Drive)...

Japanese soda brand Otsuka is trying to place a can filled with wishes of their clients on the moon by 2015. Explore now.