Best thing about me!

Again a music campaign on this mix side? For U2? Why? Because it is good! Tatia Pilieva has created a remarkable short film to accompany U2's new single 'You're The Best Thing About Me'. A short documentary about love and separation featuring a newlywed military couple, high school sweethearts, a Syrian refugee family in Greece and a young couple from Mexico City.

Safe that money and 1.) get a free rap video 2.) become a music video sponsor

What if your songs name is 'Safe that money' - and you need a really good video? Take it serious and safe that money! That's what Lil Dicky di: The best rap video of  the world for zero $. The video is hilarious and so is the documentary: smart, funny, cool, hipster and sensational! And what a marketing opportunity for small business owners and charity lovers:

Sync your phones. Have a party!

Sync your smartphone speakers with friends to create the most portable sound system. No matter what kind of. Fun when an entrepreneur takes you to a park to give a demo of his new mobile technology. In this case Martin-Luc Archambault shows Nice idea. Good implementation.