Best thing about me!

Again a music campaign on this mix side? For U2? Why? Because it is good! Tatia Pilieva has created a remarkable short film to accompany U2's new single 'You're The Best Thing About Me'. A short documentary about love and separation featuring a newlywed military couple, high school sweethearts, a Syrian refugee family in Greece and a young couple from Mexico City.

Pizza Sneaker!?

Order @ Pizza Hut by phone, online, with your phone and now ... with your Sneaker! Pizza chains in America are way ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative - but hey - is in innovative or just a cool gadget that can go viral? Who cares :) It's fun, it's a stunt and more important - limited to 64 pairs of High Top Sneakers - the 'Pie Tops' - made via the legend Shoe Surgeon in LA. Hot! Like the Pizza! 

I just ordered a simple coffee, Miss!

50% of the people in our agency will feel awkward after this commercial - because they also celebrate the making of coffee. New beans, new way of roasting them, different kind of water, cups, procedures,... It's a hipster thing, they say - McDonalds and 50% of the other people in our agency think - what the hell - just let us drink a simple good coffee. Nice done, McCafe Shops. We love this kind of humor!