Best thing about me!

Again a music campaign on this mix side? For U2? Why? Because it is good! Tatia Pilieva has created a remarkable short film to accompany U2's new single 'You're The Best Thing About Me'. A short documentary about love and separation featuring a newlywed military couple, high school sweethearts, a Syrian refugee family in Greece and a young couple from Mexico City.

Oldies but goodies 2

A new rubric in our mix! Oldies but goodies. Commercials and campaigns from the archive of the internet: 
When you have a slow internet connection, you come late to online fads. A not so old commercial for 'Connect Internet' from February this year. But but fun to see it the first time! (Maybe we have slow internet too :) - but otherwise - see below our Harlem Shake from 2013 - we're one of the first companies in Germany that time!)

Our version from 2013: