Stark geschminkte Frau Stark geschminkte Frau

Beauty in the Streets of MANHATTAN

Holistic campaign to relaunch the cosmetic brand MANHATTAN


Looks born of the boundless metropolitan lifestyle of the streets of Manhattan have always inspired authentically individual urban looks. This fact was couched as a key international message in the brand relaunch. In this way, Germany’s biggest cosmetics brand sought to complement its brand charisma with a contemporary urban naturalness; coreside awareness of trends and aestheticism were favoured over superficially glossy perfection.


Five strong and stylish characters provided testimonials, spearheading the campaign as a quasi-documentary spot with the support of a genuine selection of cast participants. Variants on product spots present the various products and sustain the story, pushing the theme via social media, influencer statements and exclusive, authentic content.

The Instagram look of the campaign is no coincidence!
(Horizont, April 2018)
Zwei stark geschminkte Frauen
Zwei stark geschminkte Frauen
Zwei stark geschminkte Frauen
Mann und Frau stark geschminkt