Junge Frau mit GO BACK PACK Tuch am Rucksack GO BACK PACK

Back to life – the comeback of JACK WOLFSKIN

#GOBACKPACK – A social media and influencer campaign for Jack Wolfskin


Out of obscurity and back into the consciousness of the young – traditional brand Jack Wolfskin dreamt of getting back to youthful routes via natural roots. As an enabler, Jack Wolfskin set out to inspire and help its youthful target group tackle the adventurous outdoors with authentic products, authentic characters and authentic stories.


An emotion-driven online and offline mobilisation campaign brought the essence of the brand back to the relevant target group set, thereby generating 32,000,000 video views, 80,000 new followers and 300,000 home page visitors. This was achieved through outdoor users, the protagonists of the campaign thanks to a cashback/‘Pay with your story’ concept. Across the world, young nature lovers and travellers have shown their colours by sharing the backpacker culture – consistently implemented and steered by precision by our communications strategy. Dreamers wanted, dreamers captured.

Mann vor einem Kristall-klaren See Mann und Hund stehen im Wald


  • 32 million

    Video Views

  • 80,000

    new Followers

  • 10,000

    User Posts

  • 100%

    User Generated Content

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Junge Frau hält eine Flagge mit der Aufschrift GO
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I love how you guys inspire people to travel! Favourite brand.
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