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JACK WOLFSKIN - The community gets a home

#GOBACKPACK CAMP 2019 SWEDEN – A social media and influencer campaign for JACK WOLFSKIN


Following the success of last year’s ‘Pay with your story’ campaign, it was time for the enabler establishment phase to target the young community. A come-together event sought to bring together all outdoor enthusiasts and take the authentic Jack Wolfskin movement to the next level while drawing brand and user closer.


A Jack Wolfskin homebase on a rented skerry island with ample space for all manner of outdoor activities: welcome to #GOBACKPACK CAMP SWEDEN 2019. Teasers and announcements featured on Facebook and Instagram, with live reporting and recaps on downstream channels. Supported by influencers, experienced and recounted by participants, celebrated by all!

Ein Holzhaus am See
Junger Mann und ein Hund sitzen auf einem SUP auf einem See
Junge Menschen springen von einem Boot in den See
Zwei Jungs grillen an einer Feuerstelle
ein Hund im Wald
Ein Schlafsack vor einem See im Sonnenuntergang
Ein Zelt im Sonnenuntergang
Drei junge Leute springen von einem Steg in den See
When island dreams come true: three flawless summer days in Sweden…
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