Luisa Cerano digital Collection on two screens Luisa Cerano digital Collection on a screen

LUISA CERANO – the show must go on

FLOOR 21 – a unique digital showroom concept for Luisa Cerano


A collection presentation thrilling like a tv show, as modern as a fashion show from New York, as informative as a conversation in the showroom, as interactive as an online shop. The next step in digitalised selling, spurred on, naturally, by the coronavirus crisis. Those were Luisa Cerano’s requirements. The conditions: 4 weeks’ time, 3,000+ traders, 250+ pieces, 100% digital. Our response: We have an idea – in fact, we have loads of ideas!


A massive challenge, a tight deadline. We organise the collection presentation like a major online launch but in a fraction of the usual time. A user interface that enables high-end presentation, supports audiovisual features and allows for interactive user navigation. One-to-one, one-to-many – anything goes.

Ein Mann steht hinter der Kamera bei der digitalen Kollektionsübergabe Floor21 für Luisa Cerano

Watch the collection presentation from a front row seat via live stream, get an in-depth feel for the products with individual looks, and open a direct dialogue with the designer. A digitalised get-together. Worldwide and anytime, with personalised access via password.

To the point, agile and efficient.

Idea, concept and execution: WERBEWELT. Content production: BSS Bietigheim, Momenti Media, tm Studios

Screen Floor 21 Luisa Cerano digitale Kollektionsübergabe Hinter den Kulissen der digitalen Kollektionsübergabe von Luisa Cerano
Ein Mann wird gefilmt für die digitale Kollektionsübergabe von Luisa Cerano Luisa Cerano Mockup der Website für die Digitale Kollektionsübergabe Floor 21
  • 4

    weeks’ time

  • 3000+


  • 250+


  • 100%


Mockup Luisa Cerano Website im Rahmen der digitalen Kollektionsübergabe