DR. SCHELLER – Naturwunder. A wonderful movement.

DR. SCHELLER. Being. Beautiful.


We have been working successfully with the Baden-Baden Cosmetics Group for years. In 2016 we created the communication platform "Naturwunder" for the DR. SCHELLER brand, which focuses on strong, natural women. For 2020 there was to be a contemporary sequel that would transport the brand spirit to a younger target group and give Dr. Scheller an authentic, approachable face.


We are deepening the content of the platform and in the current campaign we are illuminating all facets of the natural wonder: nature as a source of power. The effective natural recipes of DR. SCHELLER products. And the modern philosophy and attitude of self-determined, natural women.

In the center as the new brand face: Ella Endlich. A strong woman committed to themes such as mindfulness, freedom and naturalness, thus becoming the front woman of the new natural wonder movement: The self-determined artist has bid farewell to performance-driven business. She focuses on her own goals, the proximity to her fans and pays private attention to sustainable products, far away from mass production.

The Naturwunder campaign was conceived, developed and executed by us. The content for online, social media and print was produced by us.