Pizza Sneaker!?

Order @ Pizza Hut by phone, online, with your phone and now ... with your Sneaker! Pizza chains in America are way ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative - but hey - is in innovative or just a cool gadget that can go viral? Who cares :) It's fun, it's a stunt and more important - limited to 64 pairs of High Top Sneakers - the 'Pie Tops' - made via the legend Shoe Surgeon in LA. Hot! Like the Pizza! 

Forever Chuck - feel uncomfortable!

YOUTH, now and forever. #ForeverChuck - It's about the underdog, the rebel, the cool one, the other - or maybe you? What a cool ad. For a cool brand. Featuring: Olly Alexander Keith Ape Millie Bobby Brown Jordan Clarkson Gucci Gang Lukas Ionesco Last Night in Paris Salem Mitchell Sean Pablo Marissa Seraphin Yara Shahidi Rejjie Snow Vince Staples Maisie Williams Winnie Harlow

Fake news!

Great way to communicate about fake news! Don't take your brand too seriously, but show the people how ridiculous some rumors are! (French fries are made out of the best wood. But at hard times, when the people didn't have enough trees, they made it out of potatoes. Don't believe everything they tell you! McDonalds - the truth)

I just ordered a simple coffee, Miss!

50% of the people in our agency will feel awkward after this commercial - because they also celebrate the making of coffee. New beans, new way of roasting them, different kind of water, cups, procedures,... It's a hipster thing, they say - McDonalds and 50% of the other people in our agency think - what the hell - just let us drink a simple good coffee. Nice done, McCafe Shops. We love this kind of humor!